Some People Need Killing
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I wasn't sure what to expect from this book about such an important yet depressing subject. I was pleasantly surprised to find the book engaging, interesting, and uplifting. Not to mention funny and poignant at times.
It has memorable characters and scenarios and it tackles a subject left too quiet in our society. - Monron09

This novel is indeed novel. A humorous, insightful view into the complex emotions of those who work tirelessly behind the scenes to protect our children. The author spent his entire career with Child Protective Services, and does his former colleagues a great justice by spot lighting the front line with this intriguing work of fiction. The story line keeps you guessing, as it's at times inconcievable that some events are inspired by these unsung hero's daily reality. - B4Hanna

OK, as a Caucasian male, I found the first six pages very offensive . . . inside baseball. You have to read the book to understand. Nonetheless really outstanding narrative, humor, and superb character building made me forget my snit . . . for a while!

While set in a Child Protective Service office, the author shows a real knowledge of Police work as well as street savvy. Mystery fans, watch for tiny little clues . . . never mind, you are better than I if you are not surprised by the ending.

A must read especially if, like me, the only thing you know about Child Protective Services is from the loud late-breaking news that social workers have removed a child from its "loving" parents too soon or, worse, too late. This book, besides being a superb murder mystery, gives the reader real insight into the workings of a CPS office. Like Air Traffic Controllers, there is some gallows humor that the public is unlikely to understand. But humor is a break that is required for the emotional health of the participants. Unlike Air Traffic Controllers, though, in addition to the life or death pressure, they are forced to work with the scum and filth of society - people who harm kids.

You might feel a little "dirty" while reading this book about some of these people. Not to worry! There are hilarious comedy relief anecdotes that ease the tension if not dispel it. - P. A. Tillery


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