Some Boys Never Become Men
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This is the third book of his that I have read. I have really enjoyed all three. I enjoyed this one, but it was a bit difficult for me to read because of the subject matter. However, how he wrote it and what he wrote is totally appropriate for the subject matter. - Eleanor

The author's use of the child welfare team to tell their tales works well to move the plot along. Each character adds to the plot as a whole and is not a "forced strategy" to tell the story. Cletus runs the unit meetings with a business like manner but leaves the opportunity for members of the team to comment and sometimes to add humor.

Josh's Goat Hill episode adds an intriguing element to the plot. Almost unbelievable except that in the backwoods of Florida and Alabama, this situation could possibly exist. Another interesting episode was the investigation of the home of naked folks; it was believable, humorous, and told with good taste.
The author uses a child pornography angle to provide the bad guys and add to the mystery of the story.

Working along with the child welfare team are two detectives, Loomis and Jack. They are quite a pair of law enforcement guys who work well with the child abuse investigators to solve crimes against children. All in all, I enjoyed reading this book. I have been captivated by the characters and want to know more about them. Eleanor, Mother, Beth, Jack, Loomis, and Lamarra should provide interesting roles in another book! - Connie

Another stellar read by Bob Cook. In it he shares the inside workings and personal interactions among coworkers in both law enforcement and social service agencies. The story flows well and there is intricate interweaving of characters and the connectivity of their lives. I look forward to the next set of characters as their lives unfold and are revealed to Bob.. - Pat Woodward

This book was an enjoyable ride with an opening that will blow your mind. My favorite part is the multitude of interesting and sometimes bizarre side characters. These side characters enrich the main story which is solid and sadly relevant to today's society. It's a subject that many people know about but don't want to address because it is so disturbing. This book handles the subject matter in a caring delicate manner and keeps you laughing on the sides. Definitely recommend it! - Monroe09

This book is a sequel to Some People Need Killing. It deals with many of the same issues as the first book in this sequel, but manages to handle well other issues. It is fast paced, filled with relevant social issues (this time scenes from woman's prison among other things)...and manages also to have a happy ending...But, you will have to read this one to find out how it ends. - Elizabeth W. Cook

Eleanor was the "hero" of Bob Cook's last book, SOME PEOPLE NEED KILLING. Not to worry, it isn't necessary to read them in order since Bob, paints the picture so very well -- but you will miss another great, if a little disturbing, book.

This book starts in the relatively benign atmosphere of a tough, brutal, women's prison. It then goes rapidly down hill into a dark place few of us have known about. You will experience a world so mean and dirty that you will start feeling creepy and unclean. I use the term experience advisedly because Bob paints the scene, builds characters, and knows his subject so well you will be there. Even the name of the book turns out to have sinister overtones.

I don't usually get so caught up in a book, but I found myself wondering if I could break Eleanor out of jail so she could continue her good work -- no Pat, it is only a novel.

There is occasional comic relief, steamy sex, and it ends with a first rate detective story. Another great book by an author who has become my favorite. For those who have known Bob for years, we all ask WHO KNEW? - P.A. Tillery


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